We launched a disposable, real-time temperature recorder with global 4G coverage

We launched a disposable, real-time temperature recorder with global 4G coverage

Frigga: Global cold supply chain real-time monitor brand

Frigga supplies real-time temperature recording solutions. Frigga real-time temperature recorders currently service clients on five continents. These clients are active in a wide range of industries including medicine, foodstuffs, distribution, and supermarket retail. The motto of Frigga has long been to supply high quality products at low prices.

This month, Frigga officially announced their new single-use, real-time temperature recorder with global 4G coverage. This new product is already available in China, Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas. And clients there have already begun to purchase this new Frigga product.

The CEO of Frigga, Mr. Paddy Pan, stated, "Frigga is a well-known company in the global supply chain industry when it comes to real-time monitoring solutions. Our product series already included products with 2G and 3G capabilities, and this month we added a single-use, real-time temperature recorder with global 4G coverage. This is an excellent addition to an assortment of wireless, real-time monitoring products. The 4G recorder allows our clients to follow their products throughout the entire supply chain in areas across the globe, and this recorder features a screen that provides an even better user experience and makes operating the recorder even more convenient."

When asked about the advantages of the new 4G-enabled recorder, Mr. Paddy Pan replied: "The new 4G-enabled temperature recorder with global coverage redefines the field of real-time temperature recorders. First, there are two different versions. There is the lithium ion battery version and the non-lithium battery version. We developed two versions to make sure that these recorders can truly be correctly on cargo planes around the globe.

"Furthermore, our recorders use Frigga energy-saving technology to reduce the power consumption and extend the battery life of this recorder. Second, the display screen is designed to make the user experience more convenient. This is the first single-use, real-time temperature recorder with global 4G coverage that is low priced, but high quality, and features a display screen.

"As for the capabilities, the thermometer handles the entire range of temperatures from -200℃~+100℃, and can satisfy any temperature recording needs our clients may have. In addition, the internet frequency band on this recorder truly covers the entire globe, which means this recorder can be used in any country."

"The Frigga monitoring solutions for the global cold supply chain support sensors that measure temperature, humidity, light and vibration (shock sensor). The recorders also have an external probe option to measure external temperature and humidity as well. Moreover, a single recorder can measure temperature, humidity and simultaneously communicate that information in real time. Clients can access their information 24/7 via the Frigga cloud and the mobile app, or set an alarm for certain values. Their data is both accessible via the cloud and stored locally in the device, from which it can then be downloaded. In other words, there is zero data loss. Clients can use this data to visualize the entire supply chain and reduce the cost of waste during transport," said Mr. Paddy Pan.

Frigga has more than 15 years of experience in the wireless communication industry, and is a well-known name in the global supply chain monitoring industry. The company provides services for a wide range of industries, including fresh fruit and vegetables, medicine and biological products, and the global cold supply chain. Frigga combines the convenience of traditional USB-based recorders with the real-time monitoring capabilities of wireless temperature recorders to create an integrated monitoring solution with great user experience. Frigga monitoring solutions help clients visualize their supply chain and reduce the cost of waste during transport.

"Our clients are distributed across the globe. We have long-term relations with strategic partners in major cities around the world and within China. Our team is currently looking for retailers and distributors who look forward to advance the industry with us. We hope to join hands with strategic partners and together carry the industry into an Internet-of-Things (IoT) era with real-time monitoring solutions," said Mr. Paddy Pan.

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