This month we launched the low-cost, single-use, real-time temperature recorder B9Z

This month we launched the low-cost, single-use, real-time temperature recorder B9Z

Frigga is a manufacturer and supplier specialized in real-time monitoring solutions. The company supplies clients in pharmaceutical industries, food industries, distribution, and supermarkets on five continents. Frigga has long stood for high-quality products at low prices.

Mr. Paddy Pan, CEO of Frigga, said: "Last month we introduced our single-use, real-time temperature recorder with global 4G coverage. Afterwards, we received inquiries and pre-orders from clients in Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas. This month we are expanding our product range with the low cost, single use, real-time temperature recorder B9Z."

When asked about the advantages of this product, Mr. Paddy Pan replied: "The B9Z temperature recorder makes use of digital temperature sensors, has a low cost design, and is NIST traceable. The most important advantage of the B9Z, however, is its dual system support. The B9Z stores readings locally. The data can be accessed via traditional USB technology and published as PDF. In addition, the recorder sends information to the Frigga cloud and mobile app. This allows clients to follow in real time the temperature, location, and trajectory of their products."

"The B9Z makes use of micro chips to improve wireless capabilities, and simultaneously keep the cost low. The B9Z can be used for 60 days and is ideal for long-distance transport across borders," said Mr. Paddy Pan.

Frigga is one of the leading suppliers of wireless, real-time monitoring solutions for the international cold supply chain industry. The company designed and produced dozens of different real-time cold supply chain monitoring products in the last three years. Frigga provides services across the globe. Their wireless, real-time monitoring products feature temperature, humidity, shock sensors, and light sensors. Clients can follow their products 24/7 in real time via the Frigga cloud and mobile app. In addition, clients can set alarms for when the temperature or humidity readings exceed certain limits. And the information is stored in the cloud as well as locally, to provide a secure backup and guarantee zero data loss. Clients can use the data to visualize logistical processes and reduce the cost of product loss.

Frigga has more than 15 years of experience in wireless communication technology. Frigga is one of the best-known names when it comes to monitoring solutions for the global cold supply chain. The Frigga team provides services for fresh produce, pharmaceutical, and cold supply chain industries across the globe. Their products combine the convenience of traditional USB technology with the real-time track and trace ability of wireless technology. The Frigga products integrate these two technologies to create an excellent user experience. The products also help clients visualize their logistical processes and keep the cost of product loss low.

"Our clients are widely distributed in major cities across the world and throughout China. We have longstanding strategic cooperation agreements with partners across the globe. Together we push developments in the industry. Our team is currently looking for more retailers and distribution companies, so that we can expand our partnerships. Together we can improve real-time monitoring solutions and create a new Internet-of-Things (IoT) era," said Mr. Paddy Pan.

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